Durable, eco-friendly solution aimed at maximizing brand awareness

Since 1967 Formbags has been investing time and resources in Research & Development, in order to provide hundreds of customers from a number of industries with personalised, innovative products, that can help them boost their business.

One of the main outcomes of our permanent research process is represented by our personalised reusable bags. These are hand-made plastic bags with stitching-finishing, that can be reused thanks to their long-lasting and resistant material. Our reusable carrier bags represent an innovative, modern and valid alternative to more traditional products, such as textile bags, PP-woven and PP-non woven bags.

The possibility of being reused again and again makes our reusable bags not only an eco-friendly product, but also and foremost an ideal marketing and advertising tool for your business: your own customers will carry around your branded carrier bags day after day. Your brand will be around the world, every day and everywhere, for all to see.



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