Personalised carrier bags, available in different materials, to help you boost your brand

Our custom printed carrier bags, available in different materials and models, are a true communication and marketing tool. They can be adapted to the customer needs and represent any kind of brand. A FormBags branded carrier bag is a powerful advertising tool: thanks to it, your own customers will carry your brand around the world.

If you are looking for a personalised carrier bag, be it a paper carrier bag, a plastic bag or a reusable bag, FormBags is here to help you find the right product! Our experts will design for you a personalised product made in Europe, tailored to your needs and coherent with your corporate image.

Choose one of our models to carry your message around the world! Our range of products include paper carrier bags, plastic carrier bags, reusable bags, gift bags and gift boxes. Find the right product for you!


FormBags carrier bags: every day and everywhere, for all to see! MOVE YOUR BRAND !


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